Portia is a Dance, Drama and Aerial Performance graduate based in the UK. Portia has a passion for holistic health, dance, baking, photography and sharing lots of laughter along the way.

Our History

Portia’s Pantry started as a project at University. Tiny people figures were positioned around campus on food – digging into a burger, swimming in cereal, breaking into an egg, and so on.. Next to each food scene lay a fact about the food, with the hope to encourage people to look into what they may be eating. I then began to photograph the little figures in food scenarios as I travelled to various places across the world with little stories between the characters on their food adventures. Portia’s Pantry has developed into a tiny, creative escape. A way to remember the tiny moments in life that bring joy to the present day. I am passionate about sharing plant-based goodies, sustainability tips and self love ideas whilst sharing lots of laughs along the way. I hope you find some joy in the tiny adventures too and join along for where the short stuff and I venture to next…

“A little escape to another world. Or, should I say, a reminder to open our eyes to the beauty in our own…”