When you accidentally marry your best friend // Leslie talks – Travelling the world as a two…

Improvising through life with somebody in the same boat as you, is quite a delightful boat to be in…

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You find balance in each other.

Making a potential – capsized boat – a whole lot less wobbly.

When sailing on through the waves with a friend you spend nearly 24 hours a day with (and yet still miss on the brief moments apart) – it starts to beg the question whether this is still a ‘normal’ friendship?

Or is this more of a soul-mate-ship?

Or a well and truly hitched – ship?

A marriage-ship?
(without the ring but instead with matching tattoos?)

Is this it?
Anchor down. Binoculars away.

Did I accidentally marry my best friend?


24 years old. And here I am. Broke. Spending most of my pay check on Thai food, sharing a bed with my best bud.


And yet,

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.


Life can be so wonderful at times.
You just never know what will be. No matter how hard you may plan, everything just seems to work itself out at the perfect time.

Enter – Harriet.


Harriet and I went to the same school yet never properly got to know each other until we were 21. What began as a blurry Jenga game one New Years eve, transpired into a brilliant friendship of gallivanting around the world together.


At times it often feels like we are one person.

Mind reading is our main form of communication.
We can eat more in one sitting than a family of four… (bears)
We laugh more than we speak.
Have the same taste in questionably ‘terrible’ music.
And are basically attached at the hip.

In April 2016 we set off to LA. Still not knowing a whole lot about each other.
And well now, we probably know too much…


I think we have now taken the term ‘winging’ it to a whole new level.

We have gone from living in a Yurt, to a caravan, to an actual house with walls.


We’ve climbed / crawled through Bamboo forests on Maui (mildly hungover), flung ourselves off many a waterfall, been drunk in Melbourne for a strong month solid. Spotted crocs, found an RnB club that would ideally be our dream home. Watched sunsets, sunrises, surfed in Byron, seen whales, dolphins, sharks…


Dived the Great Barrier Reef, snorkelled on the Big Island, made many moon wishes, rock climbed, camped on Fraser Island, sailed on the Whitsundays, watched one of our best friends get married in Cairns, climbed mountains, learned guitar and even jumped out of a plane.


Working here there and everywhere along the way – from yoga centres to restaurants, farms, hostels… and now – a snowy skii mountain in New Zealand.


Harriet low down:
She is…
* A Horse whisperer
* Made up of 50% garlic bread
* Animal lover
* Blood type: hummus
* Happy song – Cheerleader
* Harry Potter expert
* Guitar / singing star


In this life it seems I have been spoilt by wonderful friendships and well I haven’t celebrated them enough. You can be on the look for that perfect love, job, house, body… all the while – forgetting the magic souls around you, who make every day a whole lot lovelier.


So here is to you Harriet.

Thanks for not judging me when I go for a third cookie (and then continue to demolish the packet).
Thanks for laughing at my terrible Dad jokes.
Thanks for not killing me when I beat you up in my sleep.
Thanks for watching Tangled with me 5,000 times, for always cheering me up, hugging me even though it’s not your favourite activity, for buying me the whole Harry Potter series (even though I may not have finished)…
For buying me flowers when I’m sad, for the kind notes, believing in me, pushing me to go for things that scare me, and well, telling me it’s all going to be ok.


I have managed to now gain a treasure trove of memories that I will never forget and not one of them would be the same if my main road man wasn’t in them.

Thanks for being courageous, caring, fun, loving and your wonderful self. I can’t wait to see the many more mountains you will climb and I will be here to be your top cheerleader every step of the way.


(You’re s’awesome… s’not.)


From the wise words of Harriet…

“We are just blobs in the Universe, so whatever you’re worried about, it doesn’t really matter”


Three years ago, I hardly even knew you. And well, I am so glad you wandered into my life and made it a whole lot more wonderful.


I honestly can say I still have no idea what is to come in the next chapter.

People often say that 30 is the age that you seem to find this – sure love confidence – that you were not able to get hold of during your 20’s. You care less of what people think, know what you like and well, do it. And just don’t take it all so seriously…

I know some things do just come with age.

But, I refuse to live in some kind of – unconfident 20’s bubble – for the next 6 years.

So, my goal is…

* To love myself as much as my wonderful friends do.
* And celebrate all the loves in my life – always.

(And to find that – 30’s brain – and dance around with it for as long as I can).

What this friendship has taught me?
Friends 100% can be your family too.

If you’re lucky enough to accidentally marry a Harriet – make sure to squeeze them tight and remind them how brilliant they are.




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  1. vegantidbits says:

    This is magnificent! The post, the friendship, the magic. Thank you for the tears of happiness, joy, and sharing the love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment. That is so sweet, I’m glad you like it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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