Brenda’s break up with PLASTIC // Tiny tips to help you stay classy – not trashy…

Breaking up with plastic has been quite the emotional rollercoaster…

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The first few days were fine…

Then the – 3 day – mark hit and it all started to become a bit more real…


You begin to find your ex lurking in all of your favourite spots…

The falafel balls, your go-to coconut yoghurt, the reduced bagels.

Even the god damn 1kg pot of hummus


First stage to hit

1. Denial…
I mean come on… Is plastic really that bad??
* Cue traumatising Facebook video of a turtle with a straw stuck up its nose *

2. Isolation…
The hermit life is ideal… Until you run out of Gossip Girl episodes, the hunger pains kick in – and your master plan to live alone in the outback with no ex in sight starts to seem a tad unrealistic.

3. Bargaining…
“BUT. What if I just…”
* Cue another traumatising video of a whale on a beach with plastic in it’s stomach…*

4. Relapse…
I swear, the chocolate bar wrapper hidden in my drawer shouts insults at me every time I go to get some new pants out. One moment of weakness – and now my ex will be chilling in my drawer for the next 1000 years.

5. Melt down…
Ah yes, the much anticipated spontaneous (public) emotional breakdown.
Mine hit after a one hour stroll around Woolworths trying to find something to eat. All I really wanted was a cliff bar. Just one cliff bar. As you can imagine, crying in front of a cliff bar in the middle of a brightly lit supermarket, as the backstreet boys ‘I want it that way’ played in the background – was definitely a low point.

The worried glare from a child as she clutched onto her Dads hand as my (not so quiet) sobs echoed through the isle – made me realise how much the situation had escalated…

6. Acceptance…
There really is nothing like traumatising a young child and a good old public breakdown to help you gain some perspective on a situation…

Your ex may now be flirting with your favourite bagels – but the (plastic free) buns perched on the bakery shelf are definitely a more sustainable relationship worth pursuing.


Lately it seems that more than ever people are starting to really get worried about plastic.

The thing with plastic is that – it breaks up, it doesn’t disappear…

A plastic bottle can break up into over 10,000 pieces of micro plastic

Our oceans now contain more trash than life.
Our comforting – out of sight out of mind – mentality, is doing the world no favours.


China has decided to stop recycling our crap

Landfills are well… full.

platic china.jpg

More than 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million sea birds die from plastic pollution every year


Breaking up with plastic may seem difficult at the start – but it definitely is not impossible.

· Just start with some small steps ·

First – take a deep breath.
And then have a look at how you can easily ditch plastic in your everyday life.



· If you have a bulk foods store near you (e.g. Source Bulk Foods) or if your local supermarket has a food dispenser – take some jars/containers – get them weighed at the counter and fill up on oils, grains, seeds, oats, super food powders, nuts, etc…

the source.jpg

· Having your own mesh strainers are perfect for making your own nut/seed/oat milks – and also makes life a lot cheaper. Soak a batch of nuts/seeds to activate them over night. Drain the water and then store in the freezer. Then when you want to make mylk simply blend one cup of nuts/seeds with 1000ml of filtered water for a few minutes. Strain and store in a jar in the fridge.


Nut mylk bag

· Try growing your own (cutting down on transportation, nasty chemicals on food and extra prices).
· When getting fruit, spinach etc… take your own material produce bag or use a mushroom paper bag to pack up your goods.
· Go to your local markets – it’s cheaper, you get seasonal food and you support local farmers.


· Support companies such as – Imperfect Produce (you can find them on Instagram)
· Bring your own re-usable bag to pack your things or ask for an old banana/veg box in the store.




* Just prep *
· Ask to hold the straw when ordering a drink
· If you’re getting take out food/drinks:
· Bring your own containers or jars
· Bring your own keep cup or mug for hot drinks
· Make your self a cute cutlery set and store in your go-to bag


I got small material bag that is for beads from a little jewellery store but you could use just any little material bag to make your own set.

* This is really good for kids as well. Have a craft day and let them decorate a fun bag and then fill with straws, spoons etc… *

Spoon, knife, fork, straw, straw cleaner
* You could put chopsticks in there too and a reusable napkin *

(Most places do a discount when you bring your own containers and cups – so win win)


Plastic bottles are the biggest waste of money. What may look like a healthy option is actually not so healthy. Instead get yourself a big old water bottle a refill wherever you can.


· Hit your local market and see if they have any stalls for water fill – ups if you don’t want to drink tap water.
· Invest in a water distiller / filter and save on the plastic bottles.


Time to get thrifty.
Sneaky plastic tags are still in a lot of shops so try out:
· Charity shops
· Markets
· Swap clothes with friends
· Garden / garage sales
· Get sewing: Any holes, see if you can mend before ditching
· Take care of the clothes you have
· Invest in good quality clothing that will last you a long time


A lot of beauty products either have hidden nasties in them or are just coated in plastic. The products that you put on your skin are absorbed and end up in your blood stream. So making some yummy natural beauty products benefits not only the planet but your wonderful body. Leaving you glowing and smelling beautiful!

So get your jars at the ready and have yourself a beauty project day…


· 2 ingredients: Cacao butter and coconut oil
(you could also add almond oil, jojoba oil, etc…)
· Bring a pan of water to the boil
· Place equal amounts of cocao butter and coconut oil in a bowl and allow to heat on the pan
· Stir until completely combined
· Pour into a jar and allow to cool
· Place into a fridge to harden
· Sweet smelling moisturiser at the ready


Time to start sugaring
Sugaring Recipe


Threading, sugaring or plucking.


Go bamboo

Bamboo Eco Toothbrush

Make up remover

Everybody’s skin is different and reacts differently. For the past four years I have been using the same routine when taking off makeup and my skin still feels great. I use a small amount of coconut oil and massage my skin gently in the areas with makeup on. Then I run a clean muslin cloth under hot water and gently cleanse the make up off my skin. When all the oil is removed I splash my face with cold water and let my face dry naturally or use a clean towel to pat my face dry.

Coconut oil pulling

Essentially – coconut oil is just like an extended extra clean mouth wash – make it the first thing you do when you wake up. Use 1tbsp of coconut oil and rinse around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Spit into a bin to avoid blocking any drains. And then brush your teeth as normal. I normally do other things whilst oil pulling like getting brekky prepped, shower, write etc… It may take a while to get used to but it is so worth it. Your teeth will feel shiny clean!

Make your own toothpaste

Make your own deodorant

Body wash

Get a soap bar: There are some beautiful smelling ones with essential oils in lots of health food stores // beauty stores // LUSH cosmetics


LUSH have just released a waste free shampoo bar with no plastic

LUSH Shampoo

Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar and condition with a small amount of coconut oil
Top up shampoo and conditioner in local bulk foods store in your own jar.


Heck, just don’t wash your hair… 


· When travelling on a plane, if you are taking a cutlery pack you wont be able to take a knife and fork with you through security. SO – go for chopsticks and a spoon.
· Keep an empty water bottle with you at the airport and when you get past security just ask one of the cafes to fill up your water for you (if you are on an in-land flight you should be fine to take water with you).
· There is surprisingly a lot of food that is absolutely fine to take with you on a plane, that is cheaper, nicer and whole lot less sketchy than any inflight meal. Check out on your airline website to make sure what you want to take is ok. My usual go-to plane snacks are – fruit, nuts, rice etc…
· With some countries you wont be able to take the fruit off the plane so just make sure you eat it before you get off.
· When in a foreign country, look into local markets to pick up plastic free produce (that way you get to taste seasonal and local food from that area too)


gifts .jpg
Make a cute hamper set or jar:
· Sweet treat jar – Layer ingredients, add string and tag with instructions on how to make biscuits, chocolates, etc…


· Make bath jar – Layer with lavender, rose petals, epsom salts etc…
· Make someone a homemade moisturiser, coffee body scrub, essential oil perfume, soy wax candle, etc…
· Wrap gifts in bright material that they could then also use again or put gifts in decorated box
· Get some card and decorate your own card


Spending money time and time again every month is exhausting and frustrating.
Pads and tampons are not only expensive, but also toxic and harmful for the planet.
– Enter –
The Moon cup

moon cup.jpg

 You can re-use and save money (yay).


More ways you can help

♥ Do a beach clean up with friends ♥

♥ Speak to your local coffee shop/grocery store about ditching plastic ♥

♥ Do a waste free challenge with friends and keep any plastic in a jar to see how much you waste ♥

♥ Follow / create instagram accounts and blogs that show tips and recipes to help you ditch single use plastic ♥



Check out the amazing lady that is

The Plastic Free Mermaid

Dedicated to all things Plastic Free – there are loads of tips / recipes / advice on making your life less plastic on her blog and Instagram


Documentaries to watch to help with a sustainable mind
 A plastic ocean
Bag it
 True Cost
 Just eat it: A food waste story
The Clean Bin Project
 Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things
 The Lightbulb Conspiracy
No Impact Man
 Rise of the Eco-Warriors
Plastic China


Plastic facts worth knowing 
· It is made from fossil fuels ·
· It has a huge carbon foot print ·
· It will still be here in 100’s of years ·
· Only a tiny percentage is actually recycled ·
· It leaches toxins into food and drinks ·
· Causes hormone disruption and cancers ·
· Pollutes our ocean·
· Kills marine animals and birds ·
· Enters our food chain ·


So, today is the day…






This may be a hard ex to shake…

But, if you’re going to stand up for something it may as well be what you’re standing on

(you got this)



Feel free to email us with any other questions – if you need help with your plastic break-up


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